Photography Policy
Photographs and videos are a wonderful way to remember your visit to Zilke Sunflower Festival at Zilke Vegetable Farm. We encourage customers to take casual photographs and videos of their visit for their own personal use. But, if you are commercial photographer coming to the gardens for a professional photo shoot for commercial use or profit, please contact us at to request a photo permit or click on the pdf button below.

Photo Permit Fees:

$50.00 for professional photography, per hour


Although the beauty of the grounds may convey the atmosphere of a park, Zilke Vegetable Farm is a private business. For us it is more than a farm. We hope you will enjoy yourself while at the same time be respectful of the property. Your cooperation with these policies will help ensure that the experience of all customers, visitors and those work here, is a positive one. And, your support will help us maintain the beauty of our farm for future photographers.

Professional Photography/Videography Guidelines

  1. Please contact us to schedule your visit. There may be another scheduled event that would conflict with a photo shoot. In the event of rain, you may reschedule your session.

  2. Photography sessions must be during normal business hours unless given special permission by the owners. Additional fees may apply if requesting access outside of the normal business hours.

  3. Photo permit fees include access to the sunflower fields for photographers, assistants, and up to 4 guests. Contact us about larger groups.

  4. Posed photographs may be taken in the outdoor areas only unless given special permission by the owners.

  5. No pets are allowed.

  6. No smoking is allowed anywhere on Zilke Vegetable Farm at any time.

  7. Remain on the pathways and grassy turf at all times.

  8. Do not disturb or remove plants, containers, garden accents or any other merchandise to stage a photo.

  9. Do not block access to pathways, roads or sales and garden areas.

  10. Guests should come dressed and prepared for their photo session. There are no changing areas available.

  11. We reserve the right to restrict access to certain areas. Please check-in with staff when you arrive to find out what areas are restricted.

  12. Photography sessions must not interfere with the enjoyment of other customers or create any safety concerns.

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