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Can we pick sunflowers?

No, we are not a U-Pick sunflower farm. Sunflowers will be available for purchase at  your visit. We cut our flowers during the cool hours of the morning and condition them in a cooler for 24 hours to assure at least a 7-day vase life. Blooms that are cut in full sunshine and when fully open will droop and loose petals quickly, disappointing everyone.

Can I bring my camera?

YES!! Bring your camera and take lots of photos. However, if you are a professional photographer coming to our fields for a professional photo shoot for commercial use or profit, you must purchase a Season Photography Pass.

Can I bring my drone? My dog? My grandma? My Girl Scout troop?

No, you can't fly a drone due to safety and township regulations. No, dogs and other pets aren't allowed on our active vegetable farm for food safety reasons...poop. Yes, spend as much time with your grandma as you possibly can. Yes, bring the troop and call us beforehand to see what we can do to make your visit really cool!

Can I bring food?

We'd rather you not. We have cold beverages and great snacks available for purchase at the Farmstand. Of course, bring your reusable water bottle. We are offering several great opportunities to have a meal among the flowers this year. 

What is there to do there, anyway?

We've got paths throughout the fields to explore. There are a half-million sunflowers to take pictures of, plus birds and butterflies and bees. NEW this year is a labyrinth to walk amonst the sunflowers! Our farmstand has healthy fruits and vegetables for sale and is transformed into an artist's pop-up shop featuring many of our local Milan artists. There are cute little photo-op setups, tractors to sit on, shady places to sit, kid-sized flowers to walk through, and more. Farmers Tom and Vicki are usually around and are great folks to talk to. 

And then, when you've filled your tank up on fresh air and nature's beauty, we've got our sweet little hometown of Milan to explore, with a vibrant downtownan awesome bakery, brewery, coffee shop, a home decor store, yarn store, fabric shop, boutique clothing, restaurants, library, beautiful parks, a splash pad, and so much more. We like living here.

When is the best time to visit?

We are open 11am to 7pm 7 days a week, with the last entry at 6pm. 

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